PdB Barre

What is a PdB Barre Class?

PdB barre classes use movements similar to ballet conditioning and training which sculpt the body, by toning and strengthening. The workout is low impact but has the capacity to burn fat, just like a high intensity work out. Small isometric movements are performed which fire up the muscle, making it more elastic, and encouraging length, without building bulk. The muscles tense without changing length and then are stretched intermittently which again, is conceptually similar to dance training. The overall result is an all over body workout which tones the thighs and arms, flattens the stomach and lifts the bottom – ultimately working towards the appearance of a lean dancer’s physique. Because multiple muscle groups are targeted, and overloaded, participants often can feel a shake, but this is to be embraced as this is where the real change in the body shape starts to happen.  As a result of pulsing repetitions and postural static holds, the body is lengthened, strengthened and fine-tuned.

PdB classes continually move to music. The workout flows just like a dance class, building endurance, and participants receive maximum correction in order to specifically target posture and alignment, strength, co-ordination and flexibility. Classes are motivating and enjoyable and you do not need dance experience to participate.

Barre Class Description

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Barre Precision (open level)

A great class for those who are either new to barre, those who want to work on their technique, or even experienced barre belles maximising their potential for body sculpting. Using the classic PdB barre workout but playing special attention to alignment and muscle lengthening, this class improves stability and core control by focussing on stacking the bones and firing up and fine tuning the muscles. Modifications are provided to suit all levels.

Barre, Floor and Core (open level)

An even more ballet inspired workout (though you do not need experience in ballet) which strengthens and tones the body, targeting problem areas. Participants aim to perform movements with heightened grace and control. As well as the barre section the classes incorporate a section of floor barre, a technique used by professional ballet companies, which involves lying down during leg lifts and back extensions in order to build strength, whilst moving through the exercises with ultimate control, poise and precision. With an intense core section at the end this class is great for anyone seeking body transformation through high intensity rather than high impact.

Barre Fluid (intermediate level)

The signature PdB barre class. Incorporating work at the barre and on the floor, this class combines the grace of classical ballet vocabulary combined with short bursts of cardio, intervals of core strengthening and flexibility training. A fast paced, continuous class to music which works every muscle in your body by fatiguing the muscle, building strength, before lengthening through dance based stretches. By transferring from hands to feet participants are encouraged to engage abdominals consistently, training their core from the lower internal abdominal muscles to improve balance, agility and stability as well as support their overall skeletal system.

Barre Xpress (intermediate/advanced level)

This is a fast-paced, hard-hitting barre class based on PdB's classic barre class with a higher intensity, challenging levels of fitness. Barre Xpress is a one hour class, tightly squeezed into 45 minutes. Whilst still referencing the usual grace and poise of ballet, this fast paced, non-stop class combines barre technique with short interval bursts of cardio for ultimate fat burning. The shorter warm up involves more pulse raising activity to get the heart pumping faster, and efficiently prepare the body for the main barre section which includes end range strength building, isometric toning and high energy choreography. Part of the class involves prone and supine work and there is a stretch section at the end to avoid lactic acid build up. The class is suitable for those who have had some experience of barre, dance or high intensity fitness.


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